SJ also known as Samurai Jack (Confirmed 1x) is a member of the set #OFB which is located in North London in the Tottenham area in the Notorious BoardWater Farm Estate. He is one of OFB’s #TopKillers and is also a well known rapper who is currently incarcerated. In previous years he was #NPK. Growing up SJ would play football for Boreham Wood Academy, but would end up getting kick for poor behaviour. He would Switch from NPK to OFB in 2016, mainly as OFB were more clouted at the time. In February 2018 SJ , Trills(NPK) , Shemz(NPK) , O’Sav(NPK), Tugga (NPK) , Sneakz(NPK) and LR(NPK) all killed K1(22){Deceased}.

While Opp Shopping in the Wood Green area they would spot members of 22, the members of 22 would anticipate a knife fight however Shemz would then start shooting while led all members to run away. While K1 was attempting to drive away he noticed Swift(22) getting stabbed and shot and attempted to run over the members stabbing him. He would fail and run into a hairdressers shop getting stabbed multiple times dying on the scene. 

As mentioned he made a lot of music and gathered a very big following and fan base through his music he is known for his songs Youngest In Charge, Ambush, Listen Up, Reality and many more. He is the Half Brother of Tugga(NPK) and is related to Stewie(NPK). He is close to BandoKay, Double Lz , Y.CB(7th) , Akz(OFB) , Izzpot(OFB) , Boogie Bando(OFB) , Headie One(OFB), Lil S15(N15), T1(OFB) and many more from OFB & N15.

He was also once close with Yung S(22) & Lampz(22){Deceased} and once lived in Edmonton. On numerous occasions he has shot, stabbed and chased members of N9/3×3 & 22. In 2020 SJ was sentenced to 21 years for the murder of K1.

Killer rapper, 17, uploads new music videos to YouTube from prison cell - Mirror Online