10:55 , Bruce grove station. Romario Lindo (Remzy – OFB) has just robbed and assaulted a 14 year old boy

Remzy called out to him saying `come here’ when the boy said no Remzy gave him a 5 second countdown to hand over the trainers he was carrying in a JD bag on his back

“don’t make me back out my 15 inch” (although not having one on him) even after remzy said this the boy didn’t comply.

Remzy then snatched his bag and when the boy would cling onto the straps , he would be punched in the face and pushed to the floor , remzy then walking away with the £90 shoes

After the attack the boy called a friend (who perry was with at the time ) and told him what had happened and where his assailant was heading

Just 10 minutes later , Perry and his friend would pedal bike towards Broadwater farm, with perry on the handlebars. Somwhere during the journey perry ended up riding the bike himself and he found remzy on the border

Perry would confront him and go to snatch the JD bag back and they’d begin to tussle infront of the boy who remzy had robbed

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(previously that week perry had also been attacked , some people say this is the reason perry had a knife and it’s common knowledge Tottenham isn’t the safest area anyways)

When the knife was in remzy’s hands was when the other boy got scared and fleed

Now alone , Perry was grabbed by the neck and stabbed 10 times . His most fatal wounds where a 6cm cut from the left to right side of his throat and a chest wound , of which the knife was twisted when pulled out. Perry also sustained a stab wound to the face , from eye to cheek.

Witnesses would scream for Romario to stop during the attack , which he responded to by holding eye contact before stabbing perry in the chest.

Remzy would then pick up the bike and flee , leaving perry bleeding.

Paramedics arrived around 11:15am
and Perry was taken to hospital, after a short fight for his life he tragically passed away six days later

The boy who had been robbed told the court that before that day he had never even seen Perry before

RIP Perry Jordan Brammer❤️ keep his name alive , he wasn’t just another statistic

Perry Jordan Brammer: Family calls for tougher sentencing as they pay  tribute to London's 100th killing victim | London Evening Standard