Block 6, also known as Black Hand, and ANTI, are a gang from Catford, SE6. Originally part of the Catford Ghetto Boys, a group of these members would branch out in the early/ mid 90s and form their own independent set, Catford Wildcats (CWC). The CWC and Ghetto Boys would eventually develop a rivalry and become enemies.

This rivalry would be seen even stronger in the 2000s, with the group taking on a new identity, Anti-Shower or Anti, in response to the Ghetto Boys offshoot, Shower, and would be a very active in the Borough of Lewisham.

Despite having a fierce rivalry with Ghetto Boys in Deptford, recent years have seen the younger generations calm, however the beef with SG and Penge has continued.

Notable Members: A6, Ghostface600, Young A6, Lucii, TY Sosa, Tuggzy, Ratz, Levi, Lsz, Mad A, Dumpz

Historic Members: Dirts, Pester, Hitman, Sharpa, Strapzy, Pest, Young Pest, Chuggz, Young Chuggz

Allies: 785/Bside (Bellingham), 814/SHO (Deptford), AR (Turnham), 410 (Brixton), 150 (Brixton), 28s (Croydon), 12 (Downham), O’Lanna (Lewisham)

Opps: M20 (Penge), SG (Grove Park), Silwood Nation (Rotherhithe), Monson (Deptford)