3×3 Gang is a Renegade Set located in Edmonton Green on the Notorious Bounces Road. They are not the only set in Edmonton however they are one of the most notable as they have been making the most noise recently. They have been properly active since 2017. They also go by #BR9 , #AFG , and more names.
-Notable Members: Rowdy , Mickz , SJ , Tiny , Big A , SJ , ZT , E1 , Trapville , DV , Turner , Twinz , Anonymous A , Drose , Skat , StSavage,Tion Wayne (N9). .
-TopDrillers/Killers:  , Rowdy , Mickz , SJ, DV , Twinz , BMoney (1x), WhyS, A1FromThe9 (N9). Natnice (x1), ZT,
-Main Opps: NPK (Tottenham) , OFB (Tottenham) , N15 (South Tottenham) , 8th (Hornsey) , N1 (Hoxton), AP/Skengfield (Enfield), LTH/86 (Lower Tulse Hill). .
-Main Allies: 22 (Wood Green) , 6th (Beckton) , TPL22-15thSide (Turnpike Lane), 37OJB (Clapham Junction).
-Notable Bodies : Chicken ( AP/GMG) , Teon Palmer ( Tottenham Affiliate). Leon James (Ponders End)  Ike (N18), Violent (N18)

3z3 Gang

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  1. neek

    3×3 didn’t kill chicken ap

  2. neek

    3×3 didn’t kill chicken ap1

  3. ChadzOJ

    Do you mean Leroy James or am I bugging?

  4. 1Spark

    How do I even get to join them… Man, I’m so obsessed with 3×3
    Anything Grrrrr🔥🔥

    1. Ahmed is moist

      You are so moist omg why would you wanna join them??? I bet you’re some kid who’s never been in the hood and thinks it’s like the drill videos you see…fucking loser

      1. L2T

        shut up fam u getting mad over some bs u probs never done shit thats y u gotta start “beef” online to make your self feel good nigga

    2. K1

      Bro that shit is dangerous..forget how dope they make it look in vids..fuck all that beef ting,focus on bread!

      I prefer OFB to 3×3 tho
      Anytime, Anyday

    3. MG

      man said how do i join them. Fam u cant just join em like that u gotta be in their hood and have to had grown up there as well.

    4. r1

      shut up moist don

  5. Ahmed 9

    Free Palastina

  6. D1

    Trust me fam, u be dead before making a move (ofb)

  7. Corbi G

    Green Gang 🔥

  8. Y.lampz

    Anything green gets love

  9. Daniel

    Tion Active

  10. ShootOnSite

    ngl I wish 3×3 and ofb never beefed. e1 x double lz or headie would be heat fam. and with e1 recently been going back and forth w/ tion, the possibility of that gets better and better by the week

    1. ShootOnSite

      Imagine a time when 3×3 got organized with ofb and started beefing w/ npk and wgm 😂

  11. unknown

    niggas really out here making websites for dis gang shi, just leave it be LMAO

  12. S92 BWC

    N9 K nigga fuck E1 3X3 k OFB K FREE JT

  13. nipples

    K ON DA L

  14. nipples


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