Rayners Lane/ Real Lives (RL) are a gang from South Harrow, HA2. They also go by the name FLB (Fast Lane Boys).

They have been active for at least 10 years and are mainly based on the Rayners Lane Estate but are also active in other parts of South Harrow including the King’s Road area.

Notable Members: TeeRose/ Terror (RIP), Jojo/ Suspect, Breezo, Y. Breezo, General Durtz, KayNizz, Trigz, Izzy, Sav, JB, KBandz, TBrown, LP, Sparkz (deceased), Drill4r, Sta9, TMan, Pabby, Dino, Troopz

Allies: CGM (Ladbroke Grove), SCG (Wealdstone)

Opps: 156/ Southall, 156/ Northolt, 156/ Greenford, 9th Street (Grahame Park)