The murder of 15 year old negus mclean (chop – n9)

In April 2011 a 15 year old boy from Edmonton was killed after he was chased down by a rival gang and stabbed to death , leaving his little brother after telling him to run.

Negus mclean , also known as yung chop, was a member of Edmonton’s (N9) Dem Africans gang , he was the third person that week to be stabbed as part of a rivalry between the gangs. The first two victims survived.

Ingrid McClean (negus mother) had gone out to lunch with a friend that day while negus went for a bike ride with his little brother , they was on there way to a park to meet up with other friends, little did they know the gang of killers where just yards away

When the group of 7 spotted negus and his friends, it was immediately a scene of frantic peddling to get away from the group . Negus friends managed to get away however his little brother was still with him

Negus told the brother , 13 year old Elijah McClean , to run while he got off his bike turning to the group . Negus sacrificed himself so his little brother could get away

they attacked him , knocking him to the ground and repeatedly stabbing him in the chest and in his legs whilst simultaneously beating him with an iron bar

A knife that was used to stab him was driven down into him with such force that the blade snapped off the handle

Negus was left lying on the pavement, blood pouring from his wounds at too much of an amount for him to survive , He lost a lot of blood very quickly and died that evening in hospital

Witnesses told how Elijah screamed for help and tried to lift the teenager, shouting: “He’s my brother, he’s my brother. Help me, help me.”

Negus was taken to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel but died from his injuries a few hours later


(The group of 7 who killed him are known to be members of the en3 based gang ,GMG . Only 4 where prosecuted but Ninja and khaos (brothers who are now also both dead ) and ghost where all also present )

I’m not 100% but Im sure negus brother grew up to become the performer 9boyDG

Headteacher of 'tragic' Negus McClean calls for end to knife crime |  Enfield Independent