Cumbo are a gang based on the Cumberland Market and Regents Park estates in Camden, Regents Park, NW1.

They are 1/3 of the 51st gang alliance, the “1” being reference to their NW1 postcode, with Peckwater and Queens Crescent being NW5.

In previous years they were known as The Cumbo Boys and were originally a predominantly white gang that formed as an offshoot of the Somers Town Boys gang. The Cumbo Boys would become their own independent set in the 1990s, and was one of the most ethnically diverse. The current generation are predominantly of Congolese origin.

Around 2007/08 their close association with QC Blox saw the Cumbo Boys begin to refer to their gang as the Cumbo Blox and adopt the red gang colours and begin to claim Blood affiliation

However, over time two sides would come into conflict and Cumbo Boys would start to identify as Crips and the colour blue. During this period Cumbo Boys gang members changed the name of the Cumbo gang to SOC (South of Camden).

Notable Members: Cash, Cwaps, Action, Skelly, Nutty (deceased), Culprit (deceased), Wonda, Snakz, Clipz, C2, JR

Allies: 51st/ Peckwater, 51st/ QC

Opps: Active Gang (Agar Grove), CT1 (Camden Town), FSG (Chalk Farm), NRB (Holloway)