8th, also known as Villeside and V8 are a gang from Hornsey in Haringey, N8. They are based around the Crouch Hill and Stroud Green area, specifically the Campsbourne and Lightfoot Estates and Priory Road/ Priory Park.

In previous years Hornsey came under control of the Wood Green Firm and Wood Green Mandem, until breaking away in the late 90s to form the Hornsey Mandem.

They would also be known as the Hornsey Mafia, Hornsey MOB, until 2005 when they would rebrand as GBG (Grey Bandana Gang), Hornsey Grey Gang.

Notable Members: MoStack, Scarz, Biz, Kraze, Crimer (deceased), DBelly, EK, Khaos, Billz, Blitz, Kramer, Stainless, D Hustler, Dot, Big T, Lat, DD, Megzo, A Rackz, Des, Abz, Shiesty, Biz, Laqz, Siff, Spliff, Poizon, Dubz, Jiggz, A Star, RK Busy, Pirate AB, Amz, Rasta, JV, MoneyJay (Deceased), KB (Deceased)

Allies: OFB (Tottenham), Priory Court (Walthamstow), OMH (Manor House), Stamford Hill (Hackney), Busy Block (Elthorne), TPL8 (Turnpike Lane)

Opps: 22 (Wood Green), 3×3 (Edmonton), 9 (Edmonton)