The North area of London has a few Boroughs the most active ones including:


Haringey is home to some of the most well known gangs of all time, the OFB/NPK/N15/TPL8th vs N9/WG/TPL22nd beef is one the longest and most frying beef in London. this has had some of the most bodies in London, Haringey has been heavily focused on by TRIDENT met unit because of this.

Haringey is Home to A few postcodes including: London Borough of Haringey (N6 / N8 / N10 / N15 / N17 / N22) These main gangs operating here are:

  • OFB (Original Farm Boys, N17)
  • NPK / Sinsquad (Northumberland Purple Kids, N17)
  • WGM (WoodGreenMob) / MOB (Money Over Bitches, N22)
  • N15 Tiverton
  • N15 Edgecote
  • G Lanes (Green Lanes, N13)
  • TPL 22nd / Smokesquad
  • TPL 8th / DC
  • Hornsey / V8



Enfield is located right next to Haringey, it is home to some notorious old gangs, and well known for making money.

Enfield is home to: (N9 / N11 / N13 / N14 / N18 / N21 / EN3) The main gangs operating here are:

  • 3×3 (NinersN9)
  • Skengfield / AP / 3rds (3rd side, EN3)
  • RedBrick Crew
  • Ponders end
  • MMO
  • 11thside



Altough only a bit of Hackney are in North London, they still make a lot of noise, Manor Park known for Farmer and M12 …

  • Hoxton
  • ManorPark
  • RedPitch