Pretana Morgan is the mother of Rhyheim barton. I don’t want to say `was’ because she will always be his mother even in death.

Rhyheim (also known as GB from the south London based gang moscow17) was murdered near the Brandon estate in 2018 when he was shot in the chest by a member of a rival gang.

backtracking , Rhyheim
was permanently excluded from school when he was just eight years old and attended five schools by the time he was fifteen. This is what his mother describes as the first injustice leading to her sons death

During the first exclusion when he was 8 , he was assigned a mentor and met Sayce Holmes-Lewis.

Years later when rhyheim would become to get involved with the Moscow gang, sayce would discover a rap video of gb taunting rival gangs, this is where he’d decide to tell Rhyheims mother about the trouble he was in and she’s send him away to Jamaica for his own safety

But just ten months later rhyheim would return to the UK and continue making music , within 3 months of him coming back he was killed …

A day before GB’s death he spoke to his old football coach and told him how he wanted to change his life around , just 24 hours later he was pronounced dead. The coach described his death `like loosing a son’

Rhyheim was due to be buried back home in Jamaica so his mother held one last goodbye for his friends and family in the UK , an open casket memorial. This was featured in a documentary and was verry sad to watch.

Many mothers have lost there sons to the roads but something about GB’s mum is sadder than usual, and you can sometimes find her in the comment sections of her sons opps , one time describing shay squeeze as a fat boy

Two other honourable mentions are
Keisha McLeod (the mother of deceased 14 yr old CJ) & Melanie Gabbidon (the mother of deceased woodgreen member k1).

I’ll do a whole nother post about CJ and keisha but for now a short message from kamali’s mum

Melanie said “no parent should have to bury their child” and called for radio stations to stop promoting drill , after hearing songs about her sons death

Rest in peace GB , and prayers to Pretana and every other mother who has lost a son to the streets…

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