AY are a set based on the Aylesbury Estate in SE17, just off of the Walworth Road. Historically Aylesbury have been part of the Woolly Road/ OTB alliance with Peckham Boys/ Black Gang, however tensions started to rise around 2015 and once the Zone 2/ Moscow beef started, past history meant that AY completely sided with their SE17 allies.

The Aylesbury Estate has had a long history of deprivation, poverty, drug dealing, prostitution and robbery, going back to the 1960s, making it one of Britain’s most deprived council estates.

Notable Members: Cdai, MK (deceased), S Jeezy, J Waved, Alsz, Blacka, Pex, AD Deez, Smallz, **** ******, L Bandz, JM (deceased), Elz, ******, **

Allies: Moscow 17 (SE17/ Brandon Estate), Browning 17 (SE17/ Browning House), Harlem Spartans (SE11/ Kennington Park Estate), KuKu (SE11/ Black Prince Road)

Opps: YPB/HitSquad/Zone 2 (SE15/ Peckham), 410 (SW9/ Myatts Field), China Walk (SE11/ China Walk Estate) (defunct)