HRB (Harrow Road Boys) (🩸) are a gang based around Harrow Road on the Mozart estate, however they also claim Queens Park, Avenue Gardens and Lydford estates and Ashmore Road, within the W9/W10 postcodes.

They are also known as Mozart, Zart, Mexico, Mozart Bloods, and PG (Park Gardens) and have historically flagged the colour red, in reference to the red bricks that used to make up the estate, and the fact that they shared a close alliance with the 031 Blood set from Brixton, CFR. They were also part of the SMG Blood alliance along with (S) St. Raphs, (M) Mozart, (G) Kensal Green.

Before the Mozart Bloods, the area boasted several smaller gangs based along Harrow Road known as the “Horror Road Alliance”. Sets included the Grimiest Movement, Street Dreams, who wore brown, Grey Dayz who wore grey and C.R.I.M.E (Can’t Roll In My Ends) who wore blue.

The area has been notorious for violence and drug dealing, being nicknamed “Crack City” in the mid 90s.

Notable Members: Fredo, Ratlin, Boss Belly, Rugrat, Po, PG, GB, Amro (deceased), Muscle Gotti (deceased), Shizzle, G Dotz (deceased), Billy the Kid (deceased), Skeamer, Trigz, Smiley, Bandz, DB9, Rico, Sav, T Money, Mystro, Grizly, Rebellion, Jah Vinci, Plato, Tarick, Rido, Rengz, Mello, Skinz, Slicer, Blacks, Grim, Stus, Bones, Moth, Chip, Hershy, Capo, Sutty, Woo the Kid, T Rose, Big Ark

Allies: KG🩸(Kensal Green), SRS🩸(St. Raphs), CRS🟣(Church Road), Warwick🟤/🩸 (Harrow Road), OKB🩸(Kingsbury), UpTop6🩸(North Kilburn), PRS🩸(Press Road), WFD🩸(Wembly), 12World/ 12 Anti🩸(Shepherds Bush), 37OJB 🟡 (Wandsworth)

Opps: CGM ♿ (Ladbroke Grove), SSK ♿ (South Kilburn), USG ♿ (Stonebridge), LG8 🟢 (Lisson Green)