12th/ OM are a gang from the E12 region of Manor Park, Newham. They are allied with north Newham gangs. Manor Park have historically been a largely a Somali gang but recent years have seen them recruit from all ethnicities.

Historically the gang have gone by many names including CAGE, Manor Park Souljahs, Manor Rude Boys, Robbery City Section 6 and Snowhills, in reference to Snowhills Road.

The current set find themselves based in and around the estates between Romford Road and Jack Cornwall Street.

Notable Members: Farmer12, M12/ Mizzy, Kas, WreckIt, S Finesse, Anger, SQ, Snipez, SK, R12, OZ, Murda, YM, Reckless, Bigz, J, LA, Recky, LT

Allies: 7th (Forest Gate), 13th (Plaistow), 15th (Stratford), CT (Clapham)

Opps: 6th/ ACG (Beckton), 16th/ CH (Custom House), 1st (Illford)