AP are a gang from the Albany Park section of Enfield, EN3, north London. They also go by the names Skengfield, 3rd, and Block Defenders. The gang has a large Somali makeup, accounting for roughly 50% of members, with other members being Turkish, Jamaican, English and African descent.

Credit to @skengfield_ap for help with the info

In previous years they were known as GMG (Get Money Gang), who associated with the colour brown and were the youngers of the even older Island Village gang, EIV (Enfield Island Village), also known as Black Gang, and Black Bandana Gang. The area has been active for over 20 years with GMG being founded around 1997 and IV being even older.

They are known to have close ties to Turkish-Kurdish crime families and dominated the drug and gun market during the 2000s. At their peak they were generating millions of pounds a year in sales and had links right across London.

Following police operations and surveillance, key members would be arrested which would weaken the gang. Several high ranking members would be locked up or killed and the gang’s influence would weaken.

Notable Members: Ninja (deceased), Kaos (deceased), Shadow, M1, YP, Ceaze, BG, Mo/ Chicken (deceased), Impact, Temps, JT, Bilal, Birdy, Gee, Hits, Rebz, Staro, Rhymez, Dizz, Skengz (deceased), El Chapo, Born, Jibz, Farmer, Mahad, Fesal, Poky, BH, Mingo, Randz, SD, Tolga, Avon, Kilo, Target, Ghost, S’Kizz, Scarzy, Jango, Unknown C6, Teerose, Scarnizz, T Trap, Wez B, Tremz, Rellz, RK, R1, Chak (deceased), Lankz, CRose, Y.CRose

Top Killers: Ninja (x1), , Shadow (x2), Ghost (x1)

Allies: NPK (Tottenham), TPL/8 (Turnpike Lane), LTH/ 86 (Lower Tulse Hill), HBrothers (Hoxton), 8th (Hornsey), Mali Strip (Waltham Forest), 12/ OM (Manor Park), P Block (Ponders End)

Opps: 3×3 (Edmonton), 9 (Edmonton), 22 (Wood Green), TPL/15-22 (Turnpike Lane)