9iners are a gang from the Homerton district of Hackney, E9. They are based mainly in and around Well Street, Ballance Road, Morning Lane, and the Gascoyne Estate.

Contrary to popular opinion, 9iners are not the only gang from Homerton, nor is this the gang name.

The gang is a combination of several older sets which came together, known as 925 or NTF. This is due to the gangs turf ranging from E9 to E5, from Ballance Road to Pembury.

Notable Members: KO, V9, Unknown T, Reeko, MTrapO, Germa, Mamba, Shegz (deceased), Dottz, Pack, Rashman, Perm, Aman, Target, Gunnaz, JDot (deceased), Datch, Jimmy, Kemzi, J Wavey, Mazza, Smokes, Kilo

Allies: Holly Street/ 98s, OMH (Manor House), Stamford Hill, Hoxton (N1), Pembury (Hackney)

Opps: ZT (London Fields), Stokey16, Nightingale, Amhurst Road, Red Pitch (Shellgrove), Rectory Road (Stoke Newington), Kingsmead (Homerton), 15th (Stratford)