ZT (Zero Tolerance) is the current set from London Fields, Hackney, E8. They are primarily located on the estates west of London Fields park, including Blackstone and Field, an area known as “Mash Town”.

London Fields has been an active part of Hackney for decades, making up a large part of the original Hackney Boys gang, being the most active set in the beef against Tottenham Mandem in the 90s and 00s. They would eventually brench off from Hackney Boys and focus on representing the London Fields area.

Previous sets from London Fields include Mash Town, Ride Out Squad, and London Field Boys.

Notable Members: Asco, Latts, Balistik, Dabz, Bally, Blacka, Lzz, Frisco, Shortz, Panda, Psycho, Spider, MJ, Bagz, LJ, Shellz, Twin, Zombie, Solo, Huntz, TB, Switch, T80, CO

Historic Members: Festa, Goodz, Little, Kidz, Chips, D Dot (deceased)

Allies: Stokey16 (Stoke Newington), Amhurst Road, 5th (Clapton), 22 (Wood Green), USG (South Stonebridge), SSK (South Kilburn), OFB (Tottenham)

Opps: 9iners (Homerton), Holly Street (Hackney), Pembury, Hoxton/ N1, OMH (Manor House), Cally Road (N1)