OMH (Original Manor House) is a gang located on the Woodberry Down estate in the Manor House area of Hackney, N4. They also go by MH which stands for Money Hungry and Manor House.

They are close to Stamford Hill and are part of the MTS (Manor to Stamford) alliance, also known as 135 (One Trey Five) Piru, MTS 135 and 416. Both gangs identify as Piru’s and have historically associated with the colour burgundy.

This connection to the Bloods gang is thought to have originated with arrival of a deported New Yorker and Miller Gangsta Blood member, Alexander Baker aka Miller Gunz. He was deported back to Britain in 2005 after US authorities learnt he had been born in the United Kingdom. Alexander Baker, aka Miller Gunz, was born in Hackney and moved to New York City with his mother in the early 1980’s where he grew up around the south Bronx and Queens.

Notable Members: Tel Money, T, St. Sav, Double M, Stone, *****/ £l Mula, Sparko, Flacko, YL, Dice, Rifjung, Trap4, Ric (deceased), S Fizz, St. Rose, Loose, Tiny, Yic, KBX, Rev24 (deceased), Big M, Danny P, Shaks, Has, Scratchy, DB, China, Psycho, Ellis, Edwin, Flacko, Kasper, Stacks, Germs, Storm

Allies: LLNB (Stamford Hill)

Opps: Stokey16 (Stoke Newington), ZT (London Fields) 22 (WoodGreen)