#6 is a gang from Beckton, Newham, E6. The area has been active for many years, with the current set being ACG (Anyone Can Go). The gang can be found around the Savage Gardens area, but also have ties to Tollgate Road and the Windsor Park and Cyprus estates.

Previous sets in the area were known as Beckton Souljahs, Young Beckton Souljahs, BBS (Beckton Black Squad), BKT (abbreviation of Beckton), Trap 6 and HTM (Harder Than Most). While Beckton’s historic enemies in northern Newham have remained the same, the north vs south war has seen the former enemy, Custom House, become an ally.

Notable Members: Young Dizz, Striker, Castr6, Max Payne, B6ix, C-Rose, Bones, K6ix, Twin S, Twin H, Sluey, K, Promise (deceased), Rambzi, Cuzzy, P90, Younger P90, Tiny, S’Mental, PB, Trizzy Trapz, D’Sav, Mr. Active, Rusk, Younger Sluey (deceased), Asbo…

Historic Members: Dizz, Vaposs, Sluey, Sid, Kash, Skipz, Hazer, Lyrical, H Young, Aggie, Livo, Raver, Shortz, Kaz, Skelli, Swifty, Yung T, S Trapz, Slashy, Chrome, Taz

Allies: E16/ CH (Custom House), Hammerville (East Ham), 22 (Wood Green), 3×3 (Edmonton), #900 (Edmonton)

Opps: E7 (Forest Gate), E13/ CGE (Plaistow), E15 (Stratford), Mali Strip (Leyton), E12/ Manor Park, OFB (Tottenham)