CH/ 16th are a gang primerily located on Freemasons Road and Nottingham Avenue, in the Custom House section of the southside of Newham, E16. They associate with the colour white. They also share a very close alliance with the historically more prominent Canning Town (also E16), where GMs are often mistaken for each other.

Historically CH have been known as Custom House White Gang, with CH standing for Custom House, Crime Hood, or Certified Hustlers.

The Custom House and Beckton areas of Newham have a long history of crime, dating back to before the arrival of “black gangs”, where white organised crime was rampant.

Notable Members: Mover, Tony Blackz/ TB, Carter Carti, YP, Major, D’Sixteen, Grinner (deceased), Bankz, Maxie, JJ, Shanka, Kojo Funds, Cruise, V16, Squeeze, G28, Maveric, Durts/ Durti Muni, Young Sneaks, N90, AFR Bxbby, Kemo, Skitzo (deceased), Sneakz, Ginge

Allies: ACG/ 6th (Beckton), 16th (Canning Town)

Opps: 7th (Forest Gate), 13th/ CGE (Plaistow), 15th (Stratford), 12th (Manor Park)