Mali Boys, also known as Mali Strip, are a gang from the areas of Leyton (E10) and Walthamstow (E17) of Waltham Forest. They are divided into two sets, with LTizzy representing E10 and SJ representing E17.

The Mali Boys roots lay with the older and once dominant Beaumont Boys gang located on the Beaumont Estate in Leyton, E10. Somali members who would gain access to the drugs market from the more experienced Jamaican olders would eventually organise the Somali youth under their wing and break off to form their own organisation, becoming rivals.

Unlike other gangs who beef over postcodes or personal issues, Mali Boys beef is often based upon their imposing onto the drug turf of other gangs.

While the Mali Boys maintain a very low profile on social media, they have been known to use it to gather information on rivals and police for the purpose of intimidation and fear. They have been known to spy and maintain very detailed records on police stations, undercover police officers and cars. In some instances, they have been known to force local business owners to destroy CCTV footage that could be used by authorities to link members to crimes.

Notable Members: Richi (former), Baby Mane, MB, Chico, Rondo, JV, Sylent, LA, J Mafta, Killa Kurse, Trappyso, Lito, Ghino, JB, Blacka, Ejay (deceased), Hammers, Lzz

Allies: Drive/ GMB/ DM (Walthamstow/ E17), Boundary (Walthamstow/ E17)

Opps: 6th/ ACG (Beckton, E6), Beaumont Boys/ LGR (Leyton Green), BHR (Blackhorse Lane), Priory Court, Higham Hill, Woodford, Chingford, Leytonstone