NPK, also known as Sin Squad, are a gang based around the Northumberland Park and Park Lane area of Tottenham, N17, near the White Hart Lane football stadium.

NPK is a former set of TMD, which following the disbanding of the gang became their own independent gang.

In previous years, older sets from the area included the Bun Dem Crew and Shoddie Crew.

Notable Members: Poppy, Kobi (deceased), Stretch, MLoose, Tugga, Trills, Joobz, Jigga J, Shemz, KayyKayy, OSav (derecruited), Nesha (deceased), GP, Uncs, Bengisa, LR, Blackz, Sneakz, Sparky, ND, Reepz, TP, Bizzy, Bully, Gripz, Tempz, TY, MO, Tiny (deceased), DRose, Salah, Stewie, 6ixshot, JR, Starts, Tempz, Shacks, TSav, Mystro, Shotta, Spider, Legz, Ronzo, JV, R1, Splasha, Tiny Pumpz, SK, Scatty, Rellz, Lucci (deceased), grinna (deceased)

Allies: TPL8th (Turnpike Lane), 3rd/ AP (Enfield), Tiverton/ N15 (Tottenham), HBrothers/ N1 (Hoxton), PBlock (Ponders End), V8 (Hornsey),

Opps: OFB (Tottenham), 22 (Wood Green), 3×3/ 900 (Edmonton), TPL15/22 (Turnpike Lane)