Browning 17 are a gang from the Browning Estate located in SE17, behind the Walworth Road.

They are very low key and lots of their drills are unknown, largely due to the limited amount of music they have released. They share a very close alliance with Moscow 17 and AY. They are in fact so close to Moscow 17 and AY, all of them repping #17 (SE17), that it is not always clear which set the members belong to. This alliance between M17, B17, and AY is known as #17thKartel.

Notable Members: Tiny/ 17thGod, LP, RKwenga, JLoud, Kwizzy/ K1, Ish, Intent, LA, Anti, Kiddo, Wizzle, Dipz

Allies: Moscow 17 (Brandon Estate), AY (Aylesbury Estate), Harlem Spartans (Kennington)

Opps: YPB/HS/Zone 2 (Peckham)