2nd April 2018 , tanesha Melbourne was shot and killed in tragic but preventable circumstances.

On the week she was killed woodgreen gang member bobby slater was beaten up while in a restaurant with his girlfriend by GP, Uncs and other npk members. This incident provoked a retaliation by woodgreen, and this would sadly result in taneshas unpurposeful death.

Later that week a silver Vauxhall pulled onto Chalgrove road in Tottenham and opened fire at a group standing outside a house. The shooters aimed for GP but accidently fatally hit tanesha instead , shortly after she passed in her mother’s arms.

Tanesha was 17 years old when she died , hearing a young boy being killed to gang violence is sad enough , but it’s different when it’s a female or someone innocent.

A young woman who died before she got to experience adult life , caught in the crossfire that kills. Not Tottenham vs woodgreen. The REAL problem , youths killing eachother for realistically pointless reasons

Now although tanesha wasn’t killed on purpose , she isnt the only person who had there life taken away like that in the Haringey borough. Look at chad gordon. Autistic man killed on his own doorstep , also shot , and for what ? Mistaken identity

The main point of this post is to show people , proving yourself to streets that don’t love you is pointless and it hurts people, some innocent . Think before you make life changing decisions

Rip nesha🕯

(I didn’t say too much about her as the videos speak for themselves however I’d like to add aside from her attending college Tenesha also worked as a mentor, helping troubled teens and kids as young as ten at Bruce Grove Youth Centre , please keep it respectful in the comments and lowe the `she wasn’t innocent’ bs , It’s a straight delete , this post was made out of respect for someone who requested it )

many condolences to her loved ones❤️

Man, 30, arrested on suspicion of murdering Tanesha Melbourne-Blake | News  | The Times
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