Siraq, also known as 727, Raq, and formerly Murder Zone, are a set based on the Somerleyton Estate in Brixton, SW9.

Somerleyton has been a very active part of Brixton and gang activity dates back to the 70s, with members of the estate being very active during both Brixton riots.

While they did share a close alliance with Angell Town and neighbouring estates, making up a faction of GAS Gang, recent years would see the two neighbourhoods split and actively beef.

Siraq are known to be ruthless, which is why they have been able to successfully hold their own against 10+ rival gangs surrounding them.

While not having many allies, they do share a small friendship with Harlem Spartans, both due to shared rivals and family relations of members, particularly cousins Lil’ Dan and Lattz/ SA.

Notable Members: Shhmoney, Botty Bang, Burbz, Ruger, TB, Lil’ Dan/ SD, YB, Stabber/ SR, Dotty, S1, Lil’ Shak, LD, Yung Bush, Bandit, S2, BB, M, L’Zone, DBoy (former), J Gang, 5 Star, Debo, Smelly Velly, Shotgun, Psycho, Bellzey, Screw, K Money, Yung Dank, Yung Squeezy, Darnz, R1, Spesh, Jozey (deceased), Chibz (derecruited)

Allies: Harlem Spartans (Kennington)

Opps: 150/ AD (Angell Town), 861/LTH (Lower Tulse Hill), 410 (Myatts Field), Cassava (Loughborough Junction), 674 (Brixton Hill), UpTop (Upper Tulse Hill), MBlock (Stockwell), 37OJB (Clapham Junction), 28s (Croydon), 17Wano (Wandsworth), CT (Clapham), Pollards Hill (Mitcham)