N15 is a gang from south Tottenham, based around several blocks including Tiverton Road, Ida Road, Appleby Close, Edgecot Grove and the Stonebridge estate.

They are an amalgamation of several different gangs that were historically active across the N15 postcode, including Tiverton and Ida Bloods.

In previous years the Tiverton set were known as Tiverton, Tiverton Mandem, Tiverton Pirus, T-Block, 15TH Side and N-One-Five. They have historically associated with the colour burgundy, the official colour of Pirus. The Ida block set were known as Ida Boys, Ida Rydaz, Ida Bloodstarz, and Graveyard Family and repped the colour red, the official colour of the Bloods.

The red and burgundy colour association is in reference to the red bricks that make up the estates in the area.

Tiverton has been active since the 80s and were originally part of TMD and were part of the “south Tottenham alliance” along with Ida Road, Edgecot Grove, Bourne and Twyford blocks, and the Stonebridge estate, between Seven Sisters Road, St Ann’s Road and Tottenham High Road) (not to be confused with the Stonebridge estate in Brent). The south Tottenham alliance were the first Tottenham gangs to beef Wood Green and Edmonton.

The also has a history of organised crime, with Turkish, Kurdish and Colombian crews operating as drug distributors in the area.

Current Members: Lankz, Lil’ S15, Smoke SZN, K1, Trackerr, S15, Menace, Msplash, JMash, Nutty, Lil’ Creepz, Starta, Frosty, Trippy, H1, Poltz, Shambo

Historic Members: Wretch 32, Frisco, Cell 22, Big Rev/ Revenge, Littles, Bullits, Speks, Big Dev, Dixon, R Dot, Starts, J3, Calibre, Wizzy Wow, Rayman, Ace, Bin, E&J, KG, Rebel, Sonical, Dre, Justice, Ying Yang, GB, Bagga, Flex, Vitts, Matt Money

Allies: OFB (Tottenham), NPK (Tottenham), HBrothers (Hoxton), 8th (Hornsey), AP/ 3rd (Enfield)

Opps: 22 (Wood Green), 3×3 (Edmonton), 9 (Edmonton), 48 (Green Lane)