13th, also known as CGE, are based in the Plaistow area of Newham, mainly in and around the Chadd Green Estate. They align themselves with north Newham in the beef against their southern rivals, Beckton and Custom House/ Canning Town.

For many years, Plaistow and Stratford have shared a very close alliance, even moving as one unit, SPB (Stratford & Plaistow Boys). This set no longer exists, but the two sides continue to share a close bond.

Notable Members: S13, Keikz, Civil (deceased), Lz, MA, Mobbz/ 13oss, TT, Local, Bo, Chedd, Pebs, SWork, JayBala, KayBala, Carlito Brown, Screw, Y. Screw, Whiteboy (derecruited), Sta9 (deceased)

Historic Members: Crazy Titch, Tiny, Myerz, Baseman, R1

Allies: 7th/ BWC (Forest Gate), 15th (Stratford), 12th (Manor Park)

Opps: 6th/ ACG (Beckton), 16th/ CH (Custom House/ Canning Town)