12 World and 12 Anti (🩸) are two sets that operate across the areas of Shepherds Bush in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, W12, and parts of Acton in the London Borough of Ealing, W3.

12World are based on the White City Estate and 12Anti are based on the Becklow Estate, however members of both sets are close and freely cross turfs. Shepherds Bush gang members are also active on Emlyn Gardens and Cleverly estates in Shepherds Bush and the Trinity Way and Friary Park estates in Acton, W3.

Both sets were formerly part of the gang 916, also known as MDP, along with the South Acton based 3rd Set.

MW/ MH (Most Wanted/ Most Hated), is a set formed by member S1 as a means of focusing on music.

Notable Members: Box12, A2Anti, Fdot, Sav12, Little Katty, Ryder, S1, Tiny Remz, B-AR2, Y.S1, Jeezy, Lil’ Creepz, Triggzy, ADotz, YR, Bankroll, Remz, SJ, LK, Nico, S2S, Bugz, General, TR2, 326, ST, Y.Remz, Y.Creepz, AD, Y.Rev, Rev, TS, Pappz, J Jugg, Sharkie, G Loose, Kian, J West, R Sosa, AntiSocial, YZ, Jinx, J Skengz

Allies: 156/ Ngang (Northolt), 156 (Southall), 156 (Greenford), HRB (Mozart)

Opps: CGM/ 1011 (Ladbroke Grove), 3rd Set (South Acton), Purple Hayes (Hayes), #7 (West Drayton)