Zac Olumegbon was a 15 year old boy from tulse hill affiliated with TN1(Trust No-One)

Zac wasn’t your average 15 year old ,he suffered from sickle cell disease so he was much smaller than other kids his age and he was the youngest of 8 siblings. His father had passed away when zac was just 10

Shortly after his father’s passing, zac would experience behavioural problems and would be forced to leave his school to attend a referral unit ,at the same time becoming involved with TN1

However a few years later zac didn’t want to be involved anymore , he’d been labelled as a target after being present at a stabbing of one TN1’s rivals and his mother said zac feared going into the GAS gang territory , he wanted to change his life around

A day before his death zac had attended a YouthAgainstViolence conference and spoke about his fears and wanting help to change , and get back into mainstream school

This was proven the next day at school. At zac’s P.R.U you had to turn in your phones when you entered at 8:30 ,but on this day zac was hesitating to do so and asked to speak to a senior member instead.

While waiting in the front office with another pupil , zac saw a car drive past. He’d say `that’s them , that’s them’ and in a state of panic he run out the enterance leaving the school

Zac’s killers were armed with at least two bayonet type knives and had drove to the school in a stolen car

4 of the GAS members had decamped the car and walked up to the school ,stabbing another 14 year old boy in his arm. That boy then went inside to seek help but the gang had already turned there attention to a terrified zac

The boy warned teachers the trouble zac was in , and members of staff immediately begun chase, One teacher even snatching a crutch off a girl with a broken leg to arm himself in hope of saving zac😔

Despite his disease Zac was forced to run for his life ,making it roughly
130 meters before the GAS members caught up and mercilessly stabbed him in the corner of a strangers front garden

Zac had been stabbed four times, two of the wounds piercing his heart

His teachers found him shortly after and he died in there arms

Rest in peace zac😪

Guns and Shanks gang who stabbed pupil to death outside school are caged  for 76 years | Daily Mail Online