On December 31st 2018 , 17 year old Abdi Ali was reported missing to police by his family , this was just over two weeks from when the boy had attended his sisters wedding , little did the family know that would be the last time they saw him

Abdi Ali , known as skengz from the enfeild set , was a former pupil at oasis academy and had moved from Somalia to London ten years prior with his 7 siblings. It was when skengz moved to enfeild he had become involved with county lines

On the 11th of December 2018 , skengz had attended his sisters wedding , then left to go to the home of two of his clients, Gary Hopkins and Stacy Doherty.

While the boy was asleep on there sofa , Gary had come up with the idea to rob skengz and steal the £400 and drugs he had on him at the time.

While he was asleep Gary hit skengz over the head with a hammer so hard that it broke , unfortunately this wasn’t enough to kill the boy. I doubt it knocked him out because Gary knew he was still alive , and went to his kitchen to retrieve a knife which he used to fatally stab skengz with 11 times in the chest and heart area.

After he had killed the boy he wrapped the body in bin bags and a duvet cover , before making Stacey take his body up to the loft. This is where he would remain for 8 long months

On August the 25th , a friend had gone to the police after she visited Gary’s home. She said he was annoyed at another boy sleeping on his sofa at the time , and told the woman he planned to rob and kill him and put him in the loft and that he had done it before .

He then placed a ladder against the wall and led another friend who was also at the house at the time, to the loft and even urged them to touch the body

The couple was arrested and Gary was charged with murder receiving 22 years , however Stacy only got 27 months for perverting the corse of justice

Skengz was so badly decomposed when he had been found that his body was infested with insects and he had to be identified by dental records

It’s also known that Gary had been turning skengz phone on and off so his family would still believe he was alive

RIP Abdi , May Allah have granted him the highest ranks in Jannah🕯

Abdi Ali death: Missing teen was found killed in attic after eight months  of agony for family | London Evening Standard
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