Digga D also known as Dappz , Double Tap and Demon Dippz is a member of the set #CGM which is a set located in West London in Ladbroke Grove on the Portobello Estate. He is one of CGMs #TopDriller and was incarcerated. He has been active as a Member if the Ladbroke Grove GM since 2010, when he was 916 however properly started banging during 2015 at the time where the beef in the west part of London was gaining notoriety.

He has also been in and out of prison a lot during the 2017-2020 period, However on road he is know for the incident where he fucked Remzy’s aunty, however a lot of his points are very low-key and unknown aswell. During 2015 he started doing music which brought him and the 12World/12Anti Vs 1011/RL beef this would led to one of his more notable arrests where he would be ban from making music and CGM would be created. He is close to Horrid1 (CGM) , Sav’O (CGM) , MSkum (CGM) , ZK (CGM), Taze (CGM?) and many more from the CGM and PBlock sets.

On numerous occasions he has shot, stabbed and chased members from Mozart , 12World and 12Anti. Currently as previously stated he was incarcerated on unknown charges and was very recently released from prison.