PS also known as Preacher , PSavage and P Da Shooter is a member of the set #Zone2 which is located in South London in Peckham on the North Peckham Estate. He is one of Zone 2’s #TopDriller and is currently incarcerated. He also reps #Hitsquad aswell. During his younger ages he lived in the Aylesbury area however moved to later rep Peckham, during 2014 he robbed LooseScrew (Moscow 17) cousin, they then met up to resolve the issue which culminated into a fight which Tizzy T (Moscow 17) tried to calm down before a whole war spiralled out and PS then being the main reason as to why they beef.

He has been very active. When he was younger he use to play for Barnet football club academy. During 2015-2020 he was in and out of prison.

He is close to Kwengface (Zone 2) , Lil Dsq (Hitsquad) , Snoop (Zone 2) , GP (NPK) , Uncs (NPK) and others from Zone 2 , Hitsquad, YPB and NPK. Prior to his beef with Moscow 17 he was very close to Tizzy T , LooseScrew, KnockOutNed (Moscow 17) and many others from the Moscow/Brandon area. On many occasions he has shot, stabbed and chased members from Moscow 17, Harlem and Bside.

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