Ready For War by Y.CB 7th: Listen on Audiomack

CB(Confirmed 1x) is a member of the gang #7th which is located in East London in the Forest Gate area in the Woodgrange Estate. He is one of 7th’s #TopKillers and is a known rapper aswell. He is also currently incarcerated. CB is one of the more known 7th member to come out of the set, he is a known killer and was extremely worksy, hence why he was so well respected in his hood. In April 2017 CB alledgedly killed G******

He’s also done a lot more however a lot of his works are unknown and very low-key. He is close to J Hus(15th) , C1(7th) , Prezzy(7th) , Snizzy(7th), S13(CGE) and many more from 7th, 15th , 12th & CGE. He is also the half brother of Y.CB(7th). On numerous occasions he has shot, stabbed and chased members of 16th/CH. Currently he is serving a 23 year sentence after aiming a gun at a police officer while trying to ride out