Moscow 17 is the current set based on the Brandon Estate in SE17. They are the younger generation of the set, Moscow.

In previous years, the Brandon Estate/ Walworth Road area has seen a wave of gangs, including Brandon Boys, Ratchets, OTB (Out to Ball)/ Wooly Hood and Criminally Gifted.

Historically, the area has shared a very close alliance with the Aylesbury Estate and Peckham gangs including the Aylesbury Boys and Peckham Boys/ Black Gang.

Recent years have seen the alliance with the Peckham Boys sets YPB/ Hit Squad/ Zone 2 severed, with Moscow 17 and their allies linking up against Peckham.

Notable Members: Incognito/ SK (Deceased), Mayski, M.Y., Loosescrew, Screwloose, Rhyno, Knock Out Ned (Derecruited), Base, OS, GB/ Rage (Deceased), TTP, Rampz, LB, TB, Mimez (Derecruited), Tizzy T, TedMatic/ Zino, JetBlack, KT, Twin K, Twin D, Lil’ S, , Ruth, CJ (Deceased)

Historic Members: SP17, Shower Malik, Buck, Fix Dot Em, Young Marv, Suspect, Skiver, Mimer, Big Nervez, Twitch, Tall P

Allies: AY (SE17/ Aylesbury Estate), Browning 17 (SE17/ Browning House), Harlem Spartans (SE11/ Kennington Park Estate), Roupell Park (SW2/ Brixton Hill)

Opps: YPB/ Hit Squad/ Zone 2 (SE15/ Peckham), 410 (SW9/ Myatts Field), 150/AD/GMG (SW9/ Angell Town)