KuKu/ 27th Street is the current name for the gang located on Black Prince Road in Kennington, SE11, between Kennington Park and Vauxhall Bridge Road. In previous years the gang was known by several names dating back to the early 1990s – Kennington Posse, K-Town, Kennington Black Mobb, and BYM (Bang Your Mash). K-Town first came to national attention following the murder of 15 year old Tiny Alien in 2006. Following an earlier confrontation between members of OC and Black Prince Road affiliates, OC members, including Tiny Alien returned, only to be chased out of the estate. T-Alien would run onto a bus in an attempt to escape, where he would be caught by either *** or **** and stabbed through the heart with such force that the blade snapped. It is debated whether the person who was convicted of the killing was actually himself responsible, or whether it was someone else and he took the wrap for it.

Notable Members: Oboy, G’Smarko, Hector, Akkuma, Kiko, T.Shorta/ Wroof, PM, IT Loaf, Hackz, Foot, Oso, Kess, GFace, Savage, Y. Kess, Jugg, Ivz, Anko

Historic Members: Shorta, Crud Milage, Hyze, Ankz, Ex, Taliban, Y. Milage, Mr. C, Young Ess, Moe, Reeko, Moncler, X, Grevious, G Case

Allies: Harlem Spartens (SE11/ Kennington Park Estate/ Road), AY (SE17/ Aylesbury), 67 (SW2/ Brixton Hill), Moscow 17 (SE17/ Brandon Estate), GLane (CR7/ Green Lane)

Opps: 410 (SW9/ Myatts Field), 150/AD/GBG (SW9/ Angell Town), YPB/HS/Zone 2 (SE15/ Peckham), 17/ Wano (SW4/ Wandsworth Road), CT (SW4/ Notre Dame Estate), 37/OJB (SW11/ Clapham Junction)