MizOrMac or also known as Mizzy or Samurai Jack is a notable member from the set #Harlem which is a set located in Kennington on the Kennington Park Estate in South London.In previous years he was #17Wano. He is one of Harlem’s #TopDriller and was very active before his arrest. During 2015 or 2016 he was on a Attempted Murder Case with SuperSav (KuKu) as someone was stabbed at a Brixton chicken and chips shop. However MizOrMac beat that case due to very little evidence. 

During 2017 he was also caught by Stockwell Members and beat hard due to the the fact he was 17 in which him and Blanco took it upon themselves to ride out before getting caught with a revolver and a samurai sword and was then arrested. At the beginning he was charged with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, however the charge was lowered to possession.

 He was close to Bis (Harlem) {Deceased} , Latz , TG Millian (Harlem) , SuperSav , Shorta (KuKu) , Hackz (KuKu) , Blanco , Zico (Harlem) and many others from 67, Harlem and KuKu. On several occasions he has shot, stabbed and robbed 410 , China Walk, AD and CMG members.He just finished serving 6 years for the possession charge.