TPL (Turnpike Lane / Touch Paper Lane / Take People’s Lives) are a gang from the Turnpike Lane area of Haringey. The gang are divided into two sets, 8th side, whose turf covers N8 and is predominantly Somali, and 15th/22nd side, which covers N15 and N22 and is Albanian, Turkish and contains other nationalities including Colombians. They are based along West Green Road, Duccets Common and Turnpike Lane.

They were formed as a merger of two gangs, with Somali set being the original first set to be known as “Turnpike Lane” since approx. 2004. They also went by the names North London Somalians and Young Militant Somalians.

The Albanian set was previously known as RAG (Real Albanian Gangsters) / Albanian Young Gunners / Young Albanian Gangsters. But now goes as “Smokesquad”

Notable Members: Haych/ Hamza, Mini, BM, Sava, TD, O’Mizz, Jojo, Nino, Camz, Bilz, Prezzy, S, Y.Prezzy, Huncho, Biggest Jay, P Munna, Bankroll Q, TP, Jimmy, Yolo

8th Allies: NPK (Tottenham), AP (Enfield), NGang (Northolt), AG (Camden)

8th Opps: OFB (Tottenham), N15 (Tottenham), 8th (Hornsey), Hoxton Boys (Hoxton)

15/22 Allies: 22 (Wood Green), 3×3 (Edmonton), 9 (Edmonton)

15/22 Opps: OFB (Tottenham), NPK (Tottenham), N15 (South Tottenham), Hoxton Boys (Hoxton)

TPL Gang

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  1. Tp

    I wanna join tpl link me up insta jcflapz

    1. fronzz


      1. kys

      2. wagwan for u???????????????????????????????????????????

    2. mk #paidblck

      brudda said he wants to join wallahi its not a club ibr they neeks tho

  2. gang gang


  3. TPL


  4. pogo

    dude really said i wanna join tpl

    1. fronzz

      exactly. its a gang, not a club

  5. Bm666

    Blud has to be joking

  6. peak

    all these neeks in one photo omds

  7. Block 6

    Mandem wanna join tpl he gotta be messin

  8. Ado

    Bruv really said that xD, you can’t just “join” a gang, u gotta be from there and know what you’re getting into lmfao

  9. thijn.0487

    tpl aint beefing npk anymore

  10. thijn.0487

    tpl aint beefing npk anymore ?

    1. MG

      Nah they cool after NPK started to beef OFB

  11. Touch Paper Lane

    Fuck the feds guys how i join a gang in uk?? Im fearless idgf ab life

    1. MG

      Just make ur own gang with ur bros

  12. raemkrmiko

    F the feds guys how i join a gang in uk?? Im fearless idgf ab life

  13. A92

    I want in on the gang #TPL

  14. daddy jah

    lmaooo dude really said that

  15. notsuspect

    you have to have a fliky and be a noticable ethnicity and apply while fried

  16. Grief

    No way man just said that

    1. Bandokay🩸🅾️

      Fuck TPL
      OFB on top 🔝

      1. Nuts

        Shefed up the ops ykyk

  17. ghost6

    fuck off fam free sj OFBway

  18. bandokay

    brixton all u fam and what ill blam all you

  19. Blicky Mouse

    These comments are fucking wild

  20. jay

    These comments are fucking wild

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